Wait List Manager – 1st Gen

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yWaitListManager Wait List Manager Restaurant iPad App


2nd Generation Released !


y Wait List Manager




 wait list manager wait list manager restaurant iPad app



Want to get rid of the messy Paper List ?



Wait list manager is Systematic and Productive

Systematic   x   Productive


Table Management

Restaurant Table Management


SMS Paging with Google Voice

SMS Paging with Google Voice (USA Only)


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Wait List Manager Tutorial Video




Tutorial Video


[learn_more caption=”Basic Operations” state=”close”] [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Table Management” state=”close”] [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Portrait Orientation, Gesture” state=”close”] [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Combine Tables” state=”close”] [/learn_more]


11 Replies to “Wait List Manager – 1st Gen”

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  2. This app would almost work for my restaurant, however unless it improves I will be throughly disappointed and will be unable to use it’s services.
    For one, it is very irritating to put in a reservation and have it appear in military time in all other sections.
    Also there is so much extra effort into just deleting a reservation. Where as, just a swipe and then a delete would be much more efficent.
    Lastly, and probably most important, assigning tables is a hassle, a nice feature would be that when adding the reservation, if you speficed which table they were to be assigned, it should automaticlly assign that party to that table and show up when you switch to the table view.
    This app has much potential, however I will not be using it until it is more efficient and easier to use.

    1. Hi Nichol,

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      Our development team is working on the next generation build of the app. Which will include solutions to all these issue. We will definitely let you know once it is ready.

      Best regards,

      yProduction support team

  3. This feed back helped me a lot for me, because I am looking for the app as well which i can not stil find it. Her review is what exactly I need on the app. I am running authentic sushi restaurant, and Lunch time is crazy busy. We need the reservation app now.

  4. My question is, does this app require wifi to be used. At the restaurant I work at, we do not have wifi. But I think this app would be a great help to my host job. Can this app function without Wifi?

    1. Hi Sean,

      No. The app does Not need Wifi or any internet connection, except the Google Voice feature for sending Text message to customer’s cell phone.

      1. I got the app and have been using it at work for the past few days. I must honestly say I love this app. It helps me keep track of our customers and all my managers like it. I have notice that it’s difficult to delete people from the wait list instead of calling them a “no show” also i have not been able to figure out how to combine/separate tables. But overall I’m impressed. If these few things are fixed it’d be an amazing app! Thanks!

    1. That’s the number of minutes since the Table was seated. It should provide a better ground for you to make wait time estimation.

  5. does this app have an option to lock the app active, requiring a password to exit the app. Durning down time employees might be surfing the net or doing other activities.

    1. Apple disallows such a feature on the iOS so it can’t be done on the apps. However, you can use a iPad case/stand that limit the access to the home button physically, such that people can’t close the app easily.

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