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    1. Yes. By using Google Voice and set it up accordingly inside the app. It is Free for phone numbers within United State.

        1. Here is the instruction on how to set it up:

          1, First of all, please sign up for a free Google Voice account or Login with an existing Google account.


          2, Add a cell phone to this Google Voice account.

          3, Sent out a test message through Google Voice to anther cell phone.

          4, In the Wait List Manger App’s setting, fill in the correct user name and pass of your account under the GV section.

          5, In the Wait List Manager App, fill in a valid phone number into the Contact / Phone data field of a wait list record. Customers with a phone number are marked with a small phone icon in the list.

          6, When the table is ready, click on the Contact / Phone data field again. Send the text message by clicking on the Google Voice icon at the Top-Right corner.

          7. The default text message can be edited in the General Settings, under the SMS section.

  1. If I use my personal cell phone to set up g voice will that # show up on customers phone when being texted about table. If so my phone will blow up and I’ll get a copy of every table that gets called. Is this so?

    1. Don’t worry. In the g voice settings, you can specifically set if the text message will be forwarded to your physical phone or not.

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